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Aviators and Celtics

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Aviator Allstars Ltd. are a new, innovative cheerleading program based in Leeds providing cheerleading sessions and coaching for young people aged 5-25 years old through weekly classes and local schools. The Allstar program consists of recreational and competitive teams and welcomes athletes from complete beginners to advanced levels.

We are currently recruiting potential cheerleaders throughout the West Yorkshire area.

The Schools program is an initiative to create awareness and increase participation in cheerleading across Leeds and the surrounding areas. To give school children the chance to try something new and exciting whilst also encouraging young people to take part in more physical activity.

Founded by Rachel Pearson and Tim Peffers, the coaches of the internationally successful Leeds Celtic Cheerleaders, who aim to expand upon their current program at the University of Leeds by devoting their time to creating a strong successful team with a close family atmosphere.

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