Aviator Allstars Open Tumbling

Aviator Allstars are dedicated to bringing you the best training possible in cheerleading today. Our qualified coaches specially tailor each class with age and ability level in mind. Whether you are just about to go to your very first class or are a high level veteran, we can provide you with the abilities and skills you never dreamt about doing. Through our experienced and positive coaching techniques the athlete will gain self esteem along with a structured progression of their skills.

Aviator Allstars hold open tumbling sessions for anyone (over 4 years old) to come to learn to tumble from complete beginners to advanced athletes. The sessions are informal and involve no long term commitment. The classes cost 5 per one hour class.

Beginner Tumbling

tumble Fridays 5-6pm
This class is suitable for anyone working up to a round-off.

A fun warm-up leads to a focus on strength and flexibility. The exercises and drills will improve body awareness and air awareness as well as teaching balance and hand eye coordination.

Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling

tumble Fridays 6-7pm
This class is suitable for anyone working flipping skills such as back handsprings, tucks and has perfected their round-off.

This class moves at a faster pace, re-capping the exercises and drills essential for improvement of technique and body awareness. Drills, repetitions, and jump flip combinations will be taught to the more advanced athletes as well as concentration on running combination squences.