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The Leeds Celtics are one of the nation's most established, successful and highly respected university cheerleading programs, serving some of the top cheer athletes in the country. We are dedicated to bringing you the best training possible in cheerleading, providing you with the abilities and skills that are required to be part of a winning team. Our goal is to enrich your university experience through the sport of competitive cheerleading, to teach our athletes the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence,, positive attitude and a love for the sport.

Leeds Celtics have been major players at national level in university divisions for the past five years; accumulating many European, national and grand champion titles from the following companies: ICC, FC, BCA, UKCA, ECC and ICF. Our athletes have been featured on numerous national television programs, in several national publications and performed and high profile football games.

Leeds Celtics are proud to be active in the community, regularly participating in local county events such as Race For Life hosted by Cancer Research, Volunteering England Showcase and Corporate Charity events.

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Celtic's at Future Cheer Internationals 2008


On the 5th July the Celtics infamous Co-ed Group stunt, featuring Rachel, Tats, James, Tim and Carly once again wowed the crowd at The Brighton Centre. Before they even began their stunt sequence the group were welcomed with thunderous applause, the audience were eager to see what the Celtics had come up with this year! As always the team gave the audience what they wanted. They effortlessly pulled off a routine that included stunts never mastered in a British competition before. The double cupie, the Arabian spilt full basket and the double up to liberty were received with rapturous applause and the practically flawless score sheet saw the group receive their 16th 1st place trophy. Congratulations to all involved.

At 6am the next the day the rest of the Celtic Family set off from Leeds to make their way to Brighton. After a five-hour journey the team were reunited. The Celtics have competed with an all girl team and a co-ed team all year but as this competition was in the university holidays many members were not able to perform and so the teams merged to become one Co-ed Level five team. Obviously a new routine had to be formed in very little time and with only having one weekend to properly practice the routine due to exams and team members moving home, as well as a serious injury on the day, the nerves were showing.

The Celtics were first on the mat in their division, adding to the pressure they already felt but they enjoyed and appreciated the big welcome they received from the crowd. The Celtics performed a technically difficult routine, which involved very advanced level 5 and co-ed stunts. The Celtics are known as ambassadors of University cheerleading and constantly thrive to raise the bar of UK cheerleading and push themselves to be the best. The Celtics do not opt for easy sequences and the safe stretches, we strive to be at the very top of the level we compete at, which means there is more danger of making mistakes. The Celtics proved how talented their team was by performing the most advanced stunts in their division and came home with a 3rd place trophy. Although some may say we should lower our stunting level to make sure we are consistent, we know we can do these stunts and stick them due to the enormous talent we have on our team and therefore our philosophy will not change. Watch out for the Celtics at ICC Nations Best as they continue to raise the bar for University cheerleading.

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How do I become a Cheerleader?

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No Experience Necessary!

Leeds Celtics and Aviator Allstars take great pride in training new students into championship athletes.

To become a cheerleader with the Leeds Celtics you must attend the University of Leeds or have graduated from the University of Leeds in the last 3 years just get in touch with either Rachel or Tim who will be more than happy to discuss which team and training session would be best for you as well as answer any questions that you may have.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best training possible in cheerleading today, providing you with the abilities and skills you never dreamt about doing.

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