The Carnegie Aviators

National Champions

After winning 1st place at University and ICC National competitions, Leeds Met cheerleading Squad has become very successful very quickly and well respected in Leeds.

The team is made up of girls with all different strengths, from dance to tumbling and stunting to jumping and by combining these skills we have been able to become a very strong and versatile team.

We train on a full size sprung competition floor meaning we have a head start over other teams and can work on our skills properly to progress.

Cheerleading with Leeds met will become a lifestyle choice not just a sport and that's why we love it!


Northern Regional Winners

This will be a very exciting season for Carnegie and AV as a whole mainly because we have proved ourselves and will be receiving funding from the Athletic Union, making it affordable and a recognised sport at the university gaining exposure and respect.


We are looking to recruit even more members onto our winning squad and will be holding a TASTER SESSION on Tuesday 28th September 6pm-8pm and then TRYOUTS will be Thursday 30th September 5pm-8pm to see the talent that we can enrol onto various teams.

We will have lots of teams for you to try out for including the Carnegie squad and a training squad so there is plenty of chance to gain experience if you have none.



Throughout the University year Leeds met Cheerleaders undertake all sorts of social antics and it will only get better the more years we continue.

We hold regular Wednesday socials with all the other sports teams at uni, so you will get a chance to meet lots of other people with different interests, we will be visiting the German Market at Christmas time and also performing at Oceana's biggest night during the year! All these things will make being part of the team even more exciting so don't be afraid to get involved.

Training Venue

The Hangar

The Carnegie Aviators train in a state of the art Cheerleading Gym, the first and only cheerleading gym in the North of England. The facility has a full sized competition sprung gymnastic floor, changing room, toilet facilities full PA and video playback system (to watch routines back). The use of this venue means that safe progression can be made in stunting and tumbling especially.

The Hangar, as it is affectionately known is a stones throw away from Kirkstall Brewery student accommodation. Click here for a map.

Get Involved

So if you want to be involved and have a great time at uni as part of one of the most successful sports teams then please get in touch with Steph (Captain) on 07531810780 or email

Cheerleading Sponsorship

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If you are interested in sponsoring the Aviator Allstars, contact us for an info pack today.

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